How You Can Help

There are so many different ways you can make a positive difference to the lives of the 45,800 sick and injured children cared for by Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick each year.

You can donate online today, or on the day of Gold Telethon. Call 1800 644 336 on June 13th – phones open at 9am! You may be lucky enough to have your donation taken by one of our celebrities!

If you prefer, you can hold a fundraising event, either with your friends, family, school or work colleagues!
Here are our top fundraising ideas to put the FUN into Fundraising...

1. Bar Times
    Get the Bar to donate a $1 from every drink sold during Happy Hour to the Gold Telethon!

2.  Host with the most
     Design a menu and host a dinner party for paying guests.
     Host a Movie Night
     Charge a cover charge as a donation to watch the movie – sell  movie snacks.

3. Hold your tongue
    Introduce a swear jar at home or in class and insist on money for every expletive.

4. Host a BBQ
    A gold coin donation sausage sizzle. Increase funds by selling a can of drink too?

5. Go for Gold
    Set up a team exercise bike somewhere public, ride for 12hrs.

6. Busk for Gold
    Encourage students to show off their special talents by holding a Busk for Gold Day.

7. Dress up day Ideas for a Gold coin donation
    Dress in something Gold or spray your hair Gold!
    Dress in your families’ national dress
    Pyjamas day
    Dress as your favourite hero or create a theme from your favourite film or book

8. Gold Tea Party
    Get busy baking and hold a 'Gold Tea Party' for a gold coin donation.

9. Hair-raising
    Shave it, dye it, cut it or style it in a ridiculous way for a horrible hair day.
10. Paint your face
      Get a good deal on a face-painter and everyone pays to get their face painted
12. Hold a mini-sports day
      Parents pay to join in the fun. Think piggy-back and golden egg and spoon races.
13. Treasure Hunt
      Create a Treasure Hunt. Ask everyone to donate some 'gold' to participate.
14. All that Glitters
      Young artists get to it with gold pens, crayons, paint and glitter, sell them to proud parents.

15. Hold a mini sports day
      Include fun games like an egg and spoon race, sack races and relays and ask for a donation.

16. Sshh! - have a sponsored silence hour for the whole class
      Can you get through the hour without speaking? Get parents and teachers to sponsor students!

17. Dance off
      Host a disco and create a competition for students for who can throw the best moves.

18. Guessing Competition
      Guess how many jelly beans are in a jar, guess and donate to be in the chance to win the jar.

19. Read-a-thon
      Children are sponsored for the amount of books read over a guided period

20. Good as Gold
      Ask family and relatives to help raise funds – by doing odd jobs for them!

21. Gold Raffle
      Source some prizes & draw the winner!

22. Bake-off-Bring out your inner Betty Crocker
       Challenge your peers to a bake-off. Select judges and sell your goodies.

23. Spelling Bee fundraiser
      Charge a fee to enter and for people to watch.

Create your own Gold Fundraising idea – no idea is a bad idea when raising money for sick and injured children!

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